Saturday, March 1, 2008

Use this site between now and Election Day, March 4

How do we know that Barack Obama will be a President who stands with Israel and a President who respects the Jewish Community? We looked to what Obama himself says, and what the people who know him best have to say.

This site has:

- a transcript of an event where Obama answered the hard questions from Jewish leaders
- policy positions about Israel and Iran
- real information, not facts and innuendo about what Obama has done to fight anti-semitism
- and letters from Jewish leaders who know Obama

If you still have questions, please email for specific answers.

If we give you the best information, we know you'll make the right decision every time. Thanks, and don't forget to vote!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama goes on live TV to "reject and denounce" Farrakhan

In last night's debate, moderator Tim Russert asked Sen. Obama about Louis Farrakhan's endorsement, the relationship between Sen. Obama's pastor and Farrakhan, and Obama's support for Israel.

You can watch Barack Obama proclaim his support for Israel, reject and denounce Farrakhan, and talk about the strength of his relationship with the Jewish community on this Youtube clip.

(Please note that we did not place video on Youtube, and we should not be associated with any of the comments or responses placed by other users of Youtube.)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

"I will also carry with me an unshakable commitment to the security of Israel "

Yesterday, Sen. Obama delivered remarks and answered questions in front of 100 Jewish leaders in Cleveland, Ohio. The New York Sun posted this transcript of the event.

Obama talked about his total commitment to the security of Israel, public support for the Israel's self-defense, and an aggressive strategy to contain Iran. That sounds like a pro-Israel candidate to me.

The remarks and question-and-answer session also discussed the email campaign against him and the false claims that he is a Muslim and supporter of anti-semitism.

You can read a report on the event in The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our ad in the Herald

We proudly present our ad to you, appearing in the Feb. 21 edition of Houston's Jewish Herald-Voice!

The Herald reports on the Southeast Texas Jewish Community, Israel, and other national and international topics of interest.

Thousands of loyal subscribers read the Herald every week to find out about the most important news in the lives their friends and relatives. We couldn't think possibly think of a better way to tell our friends and relatives about something so important to us.

---Ed. note: doesn't everyone look great!---

Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama's Israel Platform

The campaign's Israel Platform and Fact Sheet.

Strong statements on Israel's right to defend itself, stopping Iran, foreign assistance, security, Hamas and Hezbollah. This platform is just as strong as the ones offered by all the other campaigns.

Seven Jewish Senators defend Obama, "a decent man, our friend, and colleague", from false attacks

Seven Jewish US Senators who have not endorsed any candidate all came together to defend Barack Obama from attacks being circulated by email. In an open letter to the Jewish Community, the Senators called the attacks on Obama "despicable and fictitious" among other things.

On the letterhead of Sen. Carl Levin, they explained, "Jews, who have historically been the target of such attacks, should be the first to reject such tactics."

Read the whole letter.

Participating Senators:

Sen. Carl Levin (Michigan)
Sen. Barbara Boxer (California)
Sen. Ben Cardin (Maryland)
Sen. Russ Feingold (Wisconsin)
Sen. Frank Lautenberg (New Jersey)
Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont)
Sen. Ron Wyden (Orgeon)

Jewish Leaders Denounce False Rumors

The leaders of nine non-partisan Jewish organizations signed this open letter to the Jewish Community denouncing "falsehood and innuendo".

Signers included leaders of United Jewish Communities, ADL, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, and others.